Change, it is a comin’…

change-architect-sign1Consider this¬†a pre-announcement. ¬†ūüôā

There have been a number of changes in my life in these past thirteen months, some generally positive, some particularly exciting, and some Рquite honestly Рdevastating. All, however, have catalyzed a radical reforming within me.  In the end, there are a good things that have and will come of  these changes. One such good thing is a new career direction.

For over 15 years, I have served in leadership in the local Christian church, 12 of those years vocationally. It seemed the continuing trajectory of my work life. However, due in part to what Kathy Escobar calls faith shifts, my desire to “make a living” as a pastor /¬†Christian leader has been drastically realigned. I’ll write more about this¬†experience another day. ¬†What I will write about today, though, is what’s next for me.

Through the encouragement of a number of trusted friends — trusted meaning that they love me enough¬†to tell me the truth — I have decided to pursue one of my longtime passions, which is writing. It will take two forms, blogging and book writing. ¬†The blogging will inform my book, meaning that you¬†will see some of the book’s content here. The book, its working title, and its subject, will be addressed in a more formal way in the coming weeks.

Let me say that I am thrilled at the prospect of writing as a career, because I will be uniting one of my deep loves with my vocation. Along with singing professionally, directing and coaching musical groups, and composing and arranging music, I am taking the headlong plunge into the vocational world as a full-time creative.

Why tell you all of this? In the next few weeks, I am going to be asking you to partner with me in this endeavor in specific ways. It will involve risk taking on my part to do this. The upside, though, will be a beautiful community effort, one that I believe will bring healing and hope to the lives of many.

For now, I will simply say, stay tuned for a formal announcement in the coming days.¬† I can’t wait!